Dear Scholarship Applicant,

It is with great joy that our local AHEPA Chapter is able to award qualified students from one of our local High Schools that attend St John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church.

This scholarship program was established to promote, encourage, induce and advance education at the college and university level.
We recognize the hard work and dedication that being Orthodox place on your church involvement and academic studies, and, it is for this reason that we, the AHEPA, wish to acknowledge your efforts.

The local AHEPA chapter has established a $750.00 scholarship to be awarded to worthy applicants whose family is in good standing with our beloved church. An important criterion for this scholarship is your commitment to Christ and His Church and your involvement in church youth activities.

Applications are available at the links below and in the church office.

Our prayers and best wishes go to you as you apply for this scholarship.

In Christ,

The Scholarship Committee
AHEPA Chapter 498